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- Still Strong Foundation - The mission of the Still Strong Foundation ( is to provide assistance to families whose children are battling cancer. We want them to spend less time worrying about non-medical bills, like mortgages and utilities, and more time supporting their child to a victorious fight against cancer. We want to bring joy to children battling cancer and to support their parents who are facing financial hardships. We also want to positively impact the cancer community.


- BUDS - The purpose of BUDS, is to help families of children with Down syndrome address issues associated with raising a child with Down syndrome. We Live out Our Mission By:Organizing meetings with an educational format,Facilitating the development of life-long friendships, andCreating an environment that encourages self advocacy,and promotes public awareness.One of our goals is to have our children included in their neighborhood schools and communities. We have many programs in place that empower parents with the knowledge they need to help them get the best possible education for their children.


- Kisses for Kyle - The Kisses for Kyle Foundation offers a variety of services to families fighting childhood cancer in the Delaware Valley.Often, a child’s cancer diagnosis will leave a parent deciding between working to pay their bills and focusing on their child’s care. It can be impossible for working parents to be there to take them to doctor’s appointments and medical tests, and to comfort them through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. Taking a leave from work can lead to unexpected financial concerns and cause undue stress during an already difficult time.We provide financial assistance to help with bills, including, for example, rent and mortgage, car payments, utility bills, travel expenses, wigs, and food. In addition, we also cover funeral expenses as needed.The Kisses for Kyle Foundation believes that the entire family is affected when a child is battling cancer. Additionally, the child is struggling to feel “normal”, and other children in the family can feel left out while attention is focused on fighting cancer.Although our main goal is to help with direct financial assistance, we also provide gifts and donate items to comfort the entire family, not just the child battling cancer. These gifts are provided throughout the year, as well as through our annual Holiday Wish List. Coordinated through the generous help of our supporters, our Wish List allows children to request specific items for the holidays. Past requests have ranged from a doll with hair or computer game to basic needs such as a mattress on which to sleep or a coat to keep them warm through the winter.We also organize activities and invite families to participate in local events and parties, such as free entry to a children’s gym. We are pleased to host and attend parties to celebrate the successful completion of treatment.Requests for help are typically made through the family’s hospital-assigned social worker, and the family is informed that we are providing assistance. They quickly learn that it is our goal to help alleviate any added stress and offer much-needed peace of mind.We minimize their workload in the hopes that their focus can remain on what is most important: caring for their children.

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