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If it's one thing that Covid-19 and The 2020 Pandemic has taught us. Is that it's time to make a SHIFT, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Professionally. So many students suffered from this pandemic as we all did in one way or another. The Kenny Clutch Team took it upon themselves to create a program that will help students elevate their mentality in and outside the classroom. Teaching Positive Development Strategies for success in their academics and in their life. 

MINDSET AND FOCUS: When the mind is not in the game, we lose before we even begin.

FACE THE FACTS: All of us face hardship, yet all do not deal with that in the same manner..WHY?

PROGRESS WITH A COACH: When We Change The Mind, We Change The Game. Personally & Academically


In this Shift Makers Presentation Students will learn how to Master and Manage their life on a whole new level.  By applying these Positive Development Strategies we put in Place. 

- Setting The Atmosphere: Academically, Socially, & Learning to carry it inside your home & Inside the classroom

- The Pillar of Strength: Ridding yourself from negativity and learning how to filter it out of your life when it decides to show back up. 

- Using Your Gift to make The Shift: Learning to identify the special gift you were born with. Using that to multiply on many levels in your life passing it down for generations to come. 

Kenny Clutch brings a high level of energy to keep the audience focused and excited to learn. Our goal is to Partner with Educators to help bring out your students Full Learning Potential for the ultimate success in their learning career. We do this by sharing real-life experiences to translate on a level that they can understand and apply on their own. 

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